Dave DeBruyne Rochester Open 2024

Fri 12th - Sat 13th April 2024 #rocopen

Text Alerts

You can sign up to receive text alerts once an event has been drawn and started. See below for how to sign up

How to sign up for text alert notifications

Go to the GVDA LIVE page:

From here you can see the current matches as on the TV screens, review results, brackets and the webcam feed, or track individual entries.

Select Track and search:

All entries will be shown across all events in the tournament. You can filter down the list to find the entry you wish to track.

Tap on your entry

This brings up the active tracker. If you just wish to monitor progress through the tournament this view will update every minute and you will be able to determine when your next match is ready to be scheduled and may be called soon, as well as which board to go to when your match has been called. For the passive system that sends you an alert each round, tap "Sign up for text alerts".

Tap on Get Alerts

Enter your phone number very carefully - an alert text will be sent to this number each new round. Enter 10 digits, area code and number without parentheses or dashes, etc. The track ID will be auto-populated for you. Once you tap "Get Alerts" you will be taken back to the assignments page. If there is an error detected then that will be displayed instead.